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Hello all, 
CD4 /CD8 RATIO. 374
CD 4 POS. lymph 19.7.  Flag low
Abs. Cd 8 suppressor 1075. High
CD 8 pos lymph 56.6 high
Cd4/cd8 ratio 0.35 low

Hemoglobin 11.4 low
Hematocrit 34.5 low

Lipid panel
Cholesterol 143
Triglycerides 85
Hdl cholesterol 45

Vitamin d 22.4 low

Just would like some help understanding these #s

Hey Welcome!

Just rewriting in an easier to understand

CD4 Count : 374
CD4% : 19.7
CD8 Count : 1075
CD8% : 56.6
CD4/CD8 ratio R = 0.35

VL (Viral Load) : Unknown
Age : Unknown

Older guidelines would say that you may remain OFF treatment for the time being

Newer guidelines are more in favor in Meds start,

But guidelines are what they are, no more than Guidelines... Yo and your Doc are the deciders

Low hemoglobin : not unusual, but if yuo feel fatigue and such, then this makes recommandation for treatment somewhat stronger

Vit D : Low : very common and easily corrected with supplementation

Additionnal Risk of AIDS or Death in the 6 years to come (with out treatment) : marginal. If not under treatment follow the bug closely

If treatment started and succesfull
Additionnal Risk of AIDS in the 6 years to come : 0
Death in the 6 years to come : same as the general population

Start when you & Doc feel you should

Your guard lower you shall not

Hope this helps


Thanks for responding

Age 29
Where on the lab report cam I locate viral load

Think I found it.

 Rna by pcr.  123470

Log10. Rna 5.092

Assuming that you had been infected more than 6 months ago (if infected < 6 months, values tend to change a lot, so one snapshot is not enough) this VL is quite on the high side (not too good, in other words)

What does your doc recommand : start meds or stay OFF meds ?


Taking strible ,take it with a snack or meal before bed..  ill try  and update you on  numbers I see  doc on the 11th of this month


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