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--- Quote from: mecch on April 04, 2014, 09:08:34 PM ---I am keen to understand why some people are winning and some are losing with ACA.
Does it depend what state you live in?
Is it up to the state to make ACA affordable and add in the extras to cover HIV care?

--- End quote ---

I'm in Texas now, so it's part of the national exchange (with plans specifically offered in TX).  Every plan I looked at, even the very cheapest, highest deductible plans, covered all HIV medications at the preferred brand name pricing tier.  I don't recall any of them having pre authorization requirements except for injectables.

But on the lower priced plans there generally was a drug deductible, something I had never even heard of in the corporate world.  You had to choose higher priced plans to get lower deductibles and strict $ copays without having a separate drug deductible.

Edit: just checked my plac Rx docs again, there a couple of older non preferred brand drugs, but they're still covered.

Justpoz, what state are you in? No ways to fill the gap between your ACA plan and the cost of HIV treatment?

Implementation is at the state level. That was a mistake. Some historically red states are doing everything they can to oppose ACA

Yes but do people in these states realise its their own state government that is fucking them royally? 
I dont understand why the Dems are predicted to lose everything in Nov.  Don't people see who is fucking them?

Jeff G:
Politicians and Pundits are allowed to lie and spin with impunity ... so nope, most of the red state voters tend to support conservative candidates because they relate to them more than us commie left wing liberal types .     


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