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may 2013 / CD4--420   Vl--22000
dec  2013 / CD4--528   vl-- 19
taking 1 eviplera a day with food.
now only being pos for a short time, and i will be honest by saying i really dont know much about this , but on all the blogs and everywhere else i have looked i,m very curious about the price that people are paying for their meds . everybody seems to be talking about their insurance, doctors bills and stuff like that . i,m in Australia and everything is free , the meds , the doctor, everything. i allways thought that it was free for everyone ??? .

Welcome. I'll let somebody else do that whole rap. I'll hit you with some American numbers.

1 month supply of Atripla = 2100 USD

On a recent trip to the ER, I was passing blood, all they really did was give me IV fluids, only in for a night, then unceremoniously discharged. = 6000

Cost of care varies WIDELY around the world. Healthcare in the US is one of the hot political issues right now.

My insurance pays $2600 a month for Tivicay and Truvada.  My cost is $0, outside of paying for insurance. In your case the "insurance" is covered by taxes. 

The manufacturers have copay programs that will cover monthly copay amounts for those with insurance, and there are government programs and subsidies that can help most others.  I've never used any govt. program, so I don't have a clue how they work.

For example, your drug combo would cost $2100 a month here, but the manufacturer has a $400 a month copay program, so for most people with decent insurance or a program to help with costs on top of insurance, it wouldn't cost anything. 

I'm in the tech industry, so at least a basic level of health insurance has always been paid by my employers, at little or no cost to me.  Other industries may not contribute anything. 

Miss Philicia:
My drug costs average $100,000 a year. I pay about $65 out-of-pocket for that annually.

That's for 11 prescriptions used monthly, plus the odd-off item for something specific during the year.

I have to find a better Medicare Part D plan for 2015. 


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