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Vegemite, Marmite... or... Marmite, Vegemite........

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Well kids, I just don't know what to say about this thread.  I am starting this, due to my childhood cravings that are still with me to this day. (age 59).

The other day, while in Cost Plus Imports in Tucson, I found the Marmite, and was overjoyed.  Check out the price tag.  $4.99 for an embarrassingly small bottle of Marmite??????????????  You must be kidding.  I knew I should have bought stock when I was a kid.  Then, there on the shelf, about six inches away, and huddled in with some other products, was this singular bottle of Vegemite.  Having never tasted Vegemite, and only hearing about it in passing; I looked at the price tag, and the weight.  HMMMMMM.  $2.99, and the contents were a few grams more.  Well, I said, I cannot afford to squander great sums of money on something that is used merely for darkening an already dark piece of toast, so I purchased the Vegemite.

Upon returning home, I opened the bottle, and took a deep and appreciative whiff of the contents.  Not bad, and not quite as pungent as the "other" brand from the other side of the world.  Seems a tad bit lighter in color, and just a bit thinner in texture.  Neither of these things put me off, as I placed the tip of my little finger in the jar, and brought the dark, tar-like goo to my tongue.  HMMMM.  Not bad taste either.  Not quite as strong as the Marmite, but then I always took the taste for granted; given the fact that I never had experienced anything BUT the Marmite product.  

Well folks, this old fairy, must report that through my own frugality, I have discovered something that I never knew.  The Aussies have created and perfected a product that is far superior to the English counterpart, and to my taste, is far more satisfying than anything I have ever tasted from the Globelike bottle before.  I think I will stick with the Vegemite from now on.  First I save two dollars, and second, the taste, oooooh the taste.  No comparison.  

I do hope this thread starts a really important discussion about the merits of each, and now let's see what comes of this surprising discovery on  my part.  Also, I would love to have input on ways that you use Vegemite, beyond the smear on the toast or biscuit/scone.

Personally, I think it makes a delicious lubricant also, albeit a tad bit messy looking, but is easily cleaned up with the tongue.  

In Love, and Anticipation.

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Dear Moffie,

With all due respect to you and our Aussie brothers and sisters....Vegemite might be one of the most vile substances on the face of the earth. How it qualifies as a food is beyond me? Please, for full disclosure list the ingredients.

I spent two of the best years of my life teaching "down under" but never could acquire a taste for the stuff. It is repulsive!

However,it is a dandy substitute for axel grease.

Hal :-X

Your Wish........ in order of content...

Yeast Extract
Potassium Chloride
Malt Extract
Caramel Color
Natural Flavor
Thiamine Hydrochloride
Sulfur Dioxide.

I see that this contains a load of stuff that is really beneficial for those with HIV.  Very intense therapy, without the artificial chemical base.

I am so sorry you couldn't come to enjoy this tasty little delicacy.  To each their own.  I would highly warn about using this for axle grease, as the temperatures in an axle, are far to high for this organic, natural substance, and would cause seizing.

In Love ....

Aside from some anecdotes, Ive never heard much about Vegemite but you have officially peaked my interist...
A list of its ingredients would be helpfull, how would you describe the taste?  I miss Cost Plus, and I had forgotten about the foods and wines they had from around the world. Something tells me that I wont find vegemite in the 'Ethnic Foods' section of my local Grocery Store but I vaguely recall seeing it somewhere recently...

Since I donated the list of ingredients while you were typing, I will move on to the taste.  Aussies, please be kind............  I am after all, a Yank.

In Order of Intensity,

Sea Like

That is just now what I am experiencing with a finger full on the tongue.

Texture, now that is a picture of a completely different color.



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