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Weight gain on medication

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Hi I was diagnosed positive in Sept 2013. At that point my VL was nearly 200,000 and CD4 550. Within a month or so my CD4 rose to 999 and without meds my VL had dropped to 25,000. I argued to start medication although my consultant was against this in principal. I won.

In Dec 2013 I started a combination of Rilpivirine (Edurant )/ Tenofovir Disporoxil and Emtricitabine (Truvada). In Feb my CD4 was just under 700 and my VL down to 500.

I have hated the side effects though. Tired, bloated stomach, bad gas and diarrhoea at times. It has impacted on my training and I really wasted expecting this. I have put on 9kg. This has made me feel really low about myself.

I stopped taking them about a week ago. If all meds cause side effects I really don't know how I feel about medication full stop. Is weight gain a side effect with all meds?

I'm not looking forward to telling them at clinic that I have stopped my meds. With my CD4 count as it is, will I see much difference if I stay med free??

Jeff G:
Welcome to the forum . I will be blunt ... you need to decide if you can commit to meds before you start again . You cant wake up one day and decide without discussing a med change with your doctor and just quit or miss doses all the time . Not being adherent to your meds can cause and does cause resistance issues and you do not want that . Its better to stop cold turkey than hit or miss but either way you are going to have to commit to them or accept the consequences if you don't .

If you are serious about taking meds then let your doctor help you find the right combo for you or you may well not live to regret it . There are many of us here that were not fond of our meds and stopped taking them , some of are dead and some of are harmed for choosing to not take our meds correctly .

Im wishing you the best of luck and happy you found us .

No dude, don't just stop taking your meds, talk to your doc, work together to find an easier regimen. You are putting yourself at possible resistance issues.

I had a lot of the problems you describe while I was on Truvada. My ID doc switched me to Epzicom and those problems went away.

You still have a lot of options as far as treatment combinations are concerned. Don't give up so easily.

I was just mentioning the greater chance of developing viral resistance on Complera (riplivirine/ emtricitabine/ tenofovir) in another thread. Of all the meds to quit ...

If you develop resistance to one non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) like riplivirine, you have a chance to develop resistance to an entire class.


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