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I have a friend HIV POS. has been in hospital for 7 weeks. 6 in Icu 3-4 on vent with teach.  Got a chest tube last week for pneumothorax. Then was placed on dialysis this week. Anyone been down this road? Any idea what survival chances are?

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Many of us long term folks as well as newer infections that never got treatment until they ended up in the hospital have had PCP.  It's never a good sign to have to be intubated or end up in the ICU, but only his doctors are in a position to answer your question.  I'm hoping for the best for your friend.

Snow, on this road right now. Hope your buddy gets well soon. Welcome, and get them on here when able. It helps

Thank you two. I am a nurse so I do understand how hard it is on anyone's body to be vented. But, bc my area of practice is not in ICU have not been around pcp. I guess to be honest I have only cared for one pos person in my life. What I remember most was how scared the nursing staff was. I was a new nurse who was horrified at the fact the pt. had seven trays in her room. People were so scared to pick up the pt. trays. I took it all the way to director of nursing bc it was poor care!

Hey Snow,

I know what you mean when you talk about people being scared, and therefore not doing their jobs as nurses. What's so silly is, they think touching something an HIV/AIDS person touches or if the patient looks at them cockeyed, they're going to get it.

It was so bad, it wound up being myself, mom, and sister who handled my very ill father. They knew we were cleaning up after him because we would ask for wipes, new sheets, gloves, etc... I guess the only good thing for us is my mom is a former RN and my sister has been an LVN for almost 20 years, and has worked predominantly in nursing homes.

Does your friend have any other OIs except PCP? My dad not only had that he was also diagnosed with asperigillos(sp?) and histoplasmosis.

Good luck, hope things get better for your friend, and you.



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