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Just a qucik question, perhaps concerned

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Please keep all your questions and thoughts in your orginal thread.

OK, I do apologize.


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Having excema does not change the fact that protected intercourse means you were protected from hiv infection and, getting a blowjob, protected or not, is NOT a risk for hiv infection.


Hi Ann:

Thanks for your responce and the proper mergence of the topics. I suppose my magic magnifying mind is taking some small symptoms and blowing the out of proportion. Ug, I have been tested too, lol. Paranoid and paralyzed now. I suppose that is how it gets for most people.

I have taken the time to read through the lessons, etc, and found them very helpful to say the least. As I have read many times in your posts, symptoms do not equate to HIV.

So I had my yearly physical, my doc suggested a PCR. It was about 20 day after my questionable exposure, which was protected, but with an adult entertainer. It came back negative. In your opinion, is a second test not neccesary?




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