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Just a qucik question, perhaps concerned

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I first want to say that this is an excellent site and that it is extremely educational. Do you take donations?

My second questions falls underneath the umbrella of condoms in general. I have an extremely active sex life and I enjoy everyminute of it. It never really crossed my mind that, although I am using condoms, I could still get infected with HIV. I never had sex without a condom and understand the ratio that I am sure I have been exposed to this disease many times. Is there ever a point, besisdes an obvious break of the condom, tear, etc., in which a condom is not good enough (of course exclusing lambskin)?

Andy Velez:
Frequency of sexual activity nor whom your partners are whether positive or not is not the issue.

As long as everytime you have intercourse you use a latex condom that fits you properly, you're "covered" as far as HIV is concerned.


Well thank you. You also didn't answer if you guys take donations. Please let me know.


Andy Velez:
Thanks for the offer. The site does not take donations. But there are plenty of HIV-related organizations which can always use support so if our work here is something that you feel good about, let it benefit any one of those.


Hello All,

I have been looking through this board for a few days and I suppose I am just trying to get some idea as to the amount of risk I was exposed too. About three months ago, after a graduation party from law school, me and some freinds had a party. An adult entertainer showed up and I had protected oral sex with her and about five minutes of penetration. When I cam, it seemed as though the condom was still intact.

Then a few weeks later, I had protected insertive anal with a man. He was receptive, I was insertive. But he was so tight, that after a few strokes I had to pull out, condom still intact (at least it looked so) and took the condom off and he provided oral to me until I came.

I had noticed my excema at the base of my penis, closer to my balls. I am assuming that is was covered. Anyhoe, at my monthly physical, roughly a month after the incident, I had my blood work done. All come back negative and no std's.

I am really curious about my risks as I have developed allergy related symptoms.

Thanks for all that you do you and thank you for being you.


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