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Good morning...I am about to start taking some vitamin supplements..C,D,B and a Multi...Anything else suggested??

I've moved your thread into the Nutrition forum as that is where we talk about things like vitamin supplements.

Don't waste your money on anything other than a run-of-the-mill multi-vitamin supplement if you feel you must take vitamins. All supplements really do is give you expensive pee.

What you should be doing instead is eating a well-balanced diet. Vitamins in real food are absorbed much better by the body then they can be when taken in the form of supplements.

By the way, you really should read this thread - Another Supplement Warning and make sure you click on and read the articles linked to in that thread.

Personally, I stopped wasting my money on supplements a few years ago and other than having that little bit more money in my pocket, I haven't noticed the slightest difference. 

Miss Philicia:
Actually my doctor has me taking a multi-vitamin, vitamin D/calcium, omega-3 fish oil and chondroitin; but the last three are for specific issues and not necessarily applicable to a newly diagnosed patient or someone who has not been on meds long.

I take calcium w/ D, and Osteo-Biflex.  The first is because of severe osteoporosis, the second is just an attempt to see if it helps the pain from the avascular necrosis.   My ortho's nurse practitioner who does the healthy bone program at their office, told me some people swear by the Osteo.  We'll see. 

Of course right now the lingering pain from the hip surgery is kind of super-ceding the knee pain.  So, we'll see.   


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