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Help!! The condom broke and my boyfriend is hiv positive but undetectable

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The condom broke and me and my boyfriend have been sexually active for a while. I really hope someone reads this and helps, i could say more but i dont want it to be pointless Help me!!

Jeff G:
You had a risk and will need to test at 6 weeks past any possible exposure and again at 3 months to confirm the result .

I need more information to do a proper assessment ?

Were you top or bottom during anal sex ?

Is your BF on meds and undetectable ?

How long ago was this incident ?

Ok, so here is the situation and I am hoping that someone will respond to me because I feel like I am going to loose my mind very soon.

When I first met my boyfriend we were both into the casual sex thing and we were just having sex not trying to get anywhere with the relationship. So we were having unprotected sex and maybe a month later we started having sex unprotected.  It's strange because we started falling for each other and we both made that known. It was like this strange attraction physically and mentally. I had never felt like this at such an instance in my life.Eventually we started refraining from using condoms and I know it's partially my fault but maybe two weeks later he told me that he was HIV positive. He lied and said that he was negative. But when he told me he started crying and just apologizing and I really feel that it was sincere. He cooks for me everyday, he treats me very well, and I know that he cares about me. He makes me so happy except for this horrible situation. We hardly ever argue and the only thing that we argue about is the fact that he did not tell me. I try to forgive him but I do not know if I can ever get past it. We started counseling a couple weeks ago and it helps for a while but then for the most part I go back to where I started. I love him with a passion, and this road block is a serious road block. I trust him but since this has happened I do not. I have never caught him in anything else. It just sucks because this is a dilemma. Someone please help me.

Sorry, that was a pretty awful thing for him to do.

Jeff had some questions for you in the Am I Infected? forum, which also may help here. 

I'm not trying to excuse anything, but, how long has he known? Is he on meds and undetectable?  Is he usually top or bottom?  Have you seen his lab reports?

I'm just asking because in some circumstances he could have rationalized that there was very low to no risk to you and is sort of new to this and has a hard time disclosing, and he knows he screwed up bad.  With very different answers, I'd say he's a POS, and you should run away as fast as you can...

I am not sure exactly how to respond back to you Jeff but hopefully you will see this. But he is undetectable but I am negative. But he is also on stribloid or whatever it is called, and I am the top.


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