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Hi - Just wanted to share my opinion on the Rx insomnia drug Ambien. If by any chance any of you out there are abusing Ambien, I'd advise you to stop. I was abusing it in 2004/2005 and I can tell you it has strong potential to mess with your mind and/or sap your strength in a horrible way. +ve people should be especially careful. JMHO

Okay I'm done

Hi Allo. . . . . .

I just refilled my RX for Ambien  (10mg) yesterday (30 tabs).  I fill that script 3 or 4 times a year.  Not sure if that qualifies as "abusing".

My problem with Ambien is that it works very quickly to get me to sleep, but I don't stay asleep.  I asked my doc about the new secondary release version (ER or is it called EC--I forget), and he isn't too keen on it.  So we stuck with the original.

How were you using Ambien that made it abusive?


i get terrible hangovers from it and often takes most of the next day before I am thinking clearly. Last time Itook it I got a speeding ticket the next morning for going 70 in a 40. Not Cool. Maybe I should try the ambien defense?

I have a friend who take three ambien every night at two hour intervals. Dude is wired. Anyways he talks in his sleep for the first half hour or so and has gotten in big time trouble with his wife. Seems he keeps having a conversation with someone named Carol,not his wifes name.

I have the same problem Rab.  It helps me fall asleep fast but I do not stay asleep.  I also can not take it like two days in a row, it will not work the second day.  Not sure why that is. :-\

I dislike Ambien & won't take it. I  had horrible nightmares when I was using it. I've tried 2mg Lorazepam, 25mg Amitriptyline, & Lunesta with out much success. Right now I am taking 25mg Seroquel but I don't take it every night. Seroquel gives me a major hangover, but it works. I only take it on a night I now I don't have to get up in the morning.



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