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Woman-to-woman HIV transmission likely in Texas case

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Where relevant, it 's unfortunate the author didn't use 'negative' instead of 'clean'.


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Likely is not the same as verified documented. The CDC can't say without any uncertainly that she was infected in that manner she states.  In 30 plus years, 2 people state they contracted HIV from Lesbian sexual practices. If it was possible there would be 100s of thousands of Lesbians with HIV and or AIDS. So don't jump to a conclusion without reading the other documented articles.

CDC morbidity and mortality report:

The editorial notes have some interesting data, and is summarized:

This report describes likely female-to-female transmission of HIV-1 supported by phylogenetic analysis in a WSW couple who had unprotected sex during a 6-month monogamous relationship. Although rare, HIV transmission between WSW can occur. All persons at risk for HIV, including all discordant couples, should receive information regarding the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections to prevent the HIV-negative partner from acquiring the infection. Furthermore, all persons identified as infected with HIV should be linked to and retained in medical care. Control of HIV infection with suppression of viral load can result in better health outcomes and a reduced chance of transmitting HIV to partners.

well, they reported that they didnt share needles and stuff but they reported rough sex with toys and even bleeding during menstraution. Even though i know hiv is rendered unable to infect once it is exposed to air and blah blah..., maybe they are some rare... that's all.


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