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Anchor's LIVE Panic Attack


ABC News anchor and reporter, Dan Harris, has done a series of reports about the panic attack he had, while anchoring on Good Morning America.  He discusses depression, after returning from reporting in war zones.  He admits to doing cocaine and extacy to self-medicate.  His doctor said the drug use almost certainly caused the panic attack.  I am sure that could happen, but then just stopping using them would seem to solve the problem.  I would think it goes deeper than that, and what he discusses would bare that out.  He goes on a journey to evaluate his life and happiness.  He talks to Deepak and many others, including religious leaders.  He finds meditating worked for him.

For those who've had panic attacks, you will immediately realize what's happening to him in this video.  This has happened to me many times.  I just wish I had just one, like he seems to have.  There is good advice about getting rid of the negative thoughts.  It would take many paragraphs to discuss the origins of mine.  They just got worse after being certain I was poz in 2001, and even worse after the dx.  I would have them at the store.  I kept wondering whether it was about being in a crowded place, or whether it was guilt from stealing as a kid.  I had a bad one while giving a presentation in front of several people.  For me, I do think there is a chemical imbalance component.  But, I know there are other issues, too.

This segment discusses meditation and rewiring your brain.

I am having them pretty bad and I think it's due to learning about my status around mid March.  I had one yesterday after going through the Memoriam section here.  Then about 3-4 hours later I had another one out of no-where.  I wonder if there is a physiological part about it that I don't understand yet.  I know I've been terribly weak and dizzy and my energy level gets zapped just from doing little things and I wonder if the negative thoughts are zapping my energy or if I'm actually physically sick and they are coming on easier because I'm weak.  There is a connection for sure.  I think some nutritional supplments help.  Like SAMe, and a B Complex but these level of anxiety and panic attacks are completely temporary debilitating for me...

The coke may have been a trigger but not the cause.It's obvious he had this problem building for some time.I have had several panic attacks.And way more than I can count anxiety attacks.Similiar but slightly different.


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