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Age is only skin deep! It's what's on the inside and not the outside!

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My earth age is 43 but I am not from this planet and can not reveal my true age. If I did I would  have to capture you, take you back  to my space pod and send you to my planet of handsome, nude, hairy men. Then they will  have their way with you...


I am 238 in dog years  :o


Let me just get my toothbrush and fly with me to that secret planet of yours.

I like the nude hairy part....

hermie :-* :-* :-*


I am on my way. You can bring your toothbrush. You won't need anything else. Clothing has been outlawed.

59 here, but then everyone knows that Jerry.  ;D

Dan and Hermie,,,,,,  You better save a seat for me.  I already have the complete settings for four of 100%, 1950's Melmac to take along.  Now, does the law against clothing include such niceties as Cockrings and the such???  My dear, I certainly hope not!

In Anticipation, and already have the Vegemite packed.


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