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Age is only skin deep! It's what's on the inside and not the outside!

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To many of us on here lately are afraid to tell others how old we really are. We are all adults and are one big happy family here on AIDSMEDS.

So be proud that your living and be glad of your age.

Age is only skin deep and it what's on the inside and not what is on the outside that's more important today!


Well, i don't think that many people are shy,or afrid to talk about  their age. On the old forums, lots of people told how old they were. I am 54

If age is only skin deep, I think i will need a chemical peel !! 8)


Im not afraid to tell my age. Im 48.


I'm not telling.

(who wanted to stir the pot)

Sweetie  :-*

I have been on this planet for half a century.

Never expected that 19 years ago.

And I intend to go much longer.



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