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Anyone knows Atripla sold in Malaysia without prescription?

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I wanna know the price of Atripla being sold in Malaysia (in KL or JB?), and also any  good doctor specialised in HIV in KL or other area? Thanks....

Jeff G:
You can get information here .

Welcome to the forums ! Tell us about yourself ... how long have you been HIV positive ? 

Hi edwardyap, the best hospital in Malaysia currently is Hospital Sungai Buloh. Best as in affordable and pretty good service. I do my check ups there. You can also try UMMC, University Malaya Medical Centre. They are also pretty good but could be pricey. I am not sure if you could get Atripla here, I am currently on tenvir-em and stocrin which is like Atripla, but a single tablet am not sure. The first line medication for Malaysians are free too.

Edward, if you are not a Malay national (ie foreigner) and you require to be discreet about ur poz status, (if u are in fact poz and are based in Spore or KL), it may be best to jump on a quick flight to Bangkok which is another option to KL and JB.

There are many reasons to fly under the radar including avoiding risk of deportation especially if ur Spore based.

The Thais are very progressive and have the best care for HIV in SEA and care and treatment is first class and is relatively inexpensive for foreigners. Plus the night life is a bonus too- really fun!  ;)

Good luck

Generic drug Teevir is safe to consume compare to Atripla in long term?


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