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My new bump in the "road"


Good morning ladies

As some of you may know shortly after my AIDS diagnosis I was dx'd with HPV and it was slowly going towards cancer. It never did get to the cancer part and went away.  My pap smear at the end of 2012 was good and my AIDS doc and the ob/gyn doc decided that I could go one year without a pap test.  So last week I went for my pap test and it came back semi-bad.

That stuff is back however my AIDS doc says it's not as bad as before but I still have to go back to the ob/gyn next month to have that test that starts with c and ends with opy (can't think of the name off the top of my head). 

He's also going to talk to my ob/gyn about burning (is that the right word?) the things off or whatever they do to get rid of it.   (My ob/gyn specializes in females with HIV/AIDS or HEPC)
My questions are:

How long does it usually take to recover from that kind of surgery?
I want to wait until after my semester is over to do the surgery and my AIDS doc thinks that would be ok.  Semester is over middle of May.

What is involved in that kind of surgery?   Do they really burn them off?

How in the hell did it come back when I haven't had sex for 1 year or so.
My doctor thinks it never went totally away and was "hiding".

Yes I have been dating someone but no sex with him.

Thanx for your help
and it may be a few days til I get back on here, me and that guy are going to his cabin for the weekend.

No I haven't told him about the pap results, I want to wait until I talk to the gyn doc.

Have a good day 
Michelle 8)

P.S. Ann if you want to move this somewhere else you can.  I just figured guys wouldn't know much about this although they do surprise me at times with they do know about us gals.


Is it colposcopy  ?  If so, here's a source I trust.

And this is a whack of info...!po=0.183824

The burn word you want is cauterize. I 'm sure your gyn will give you the skinny on options, healing time, etc. If I'd had one I 'd share. Hit me up if you ever go for laparoscopy or hysterectomy.

Happy dating. Lucky you !!!


It's the colposcopy and I'm hoping they fix me to :D.    I have to wait to hear back from ob/gyn to schedule an appointment.

I'm lucky in that all my doctors are "tied" into the hospital network.  85% of this doctors patients have HIV/AIDS or some form of HEP, (mostly C) that's why my AIDS doc uses him.

My aids doctor thinks that getting rid of them is the best thing, he feels that with my low cd4 and it taking forever to reach 200 the hpv stuff will keep coming back.

As long as I can ride motorcycle this summer I don't care what they do to me.

I will look at those sights tomorrow.

Michelle 8)


Great!   You'll ride again.


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