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Hello all

I am an HIV negative guy who is thinking about PrEP for several reasons, the main reason is that I met a nice guy who is someone I could see myself with but he happens to be positive. Even though I know about HIV transmission, undetectability, and consistent and correct condom usage, I have lingering anxiety about having sex with him.  I thunkt more than anything Truvada will give me practice of mind.

So I have two questions. Does anyone have any tips on how to get over anxiety about sero-discordant sex and for anyone taking Truvada or its component drugs has any warnings or tips? I would greatly appreciate any feedback

I had serodiscordant relationships when I was HIV- and my boyfriends HIV+. 
I got over anxiety about it by knowledge that sex with condoms prevents transmission. Some of these partners were not on medicine and two were before there was HIV treatment and two died of AIDS.  I never had condom breaks, I think that would have freaked me out.
Today of course an HIV+ parter might easily be on effective treatment and consistently undetectable. Wouldn't that lower anxiety. Secondly, there is POST-exposure treatment available.  Also gives peace of mind. Plus - good old condoms.
Yes there is PREP available now.  If your partner is undetectable and you want to have condom protected penetration, I would think that PLUS PREP would be overkill. 

I would think the PREP would be interesting if the idea was to do without condoms completely, with an undetectable partner, and just to be super super duper sure. 

Generally, my gut reaction to your post is to work though the ways to lower anxiety without the need for PREP.  iF you really cannot work towards that, with some time and application, I would say that PREP, with condoms, and undetectable viral load, is overkill and a sign that someone really can't be comfortable in a sero-discordant relation.  Just an opinion mind you. And I obviously don't know the particulars.

OH, P.S. - here's an interesting discussion of PrEP:

I've been in a sero-discordant relationship for almost 20 of our 22 years.  I don't think the fear ever goes totally away.  I think I'm actually more concerned than my partner though.

If you can get it covered by your insurance (get the copay assistance too), I'd say to go for it since you're worried.  Continue to practice safer sex, it'll probably give you both more peace of mind.  Also, PrEP can be safely stopped after confirming you're still negative if you decide it is no longer necessary or have any lingering side effects.

Thank you for your input. I've read all the pros but never really got the cons or the opinion of someone who doesn't see it as a crucial thing. I have general anxiety anyway, but I just have this phobia, which is odd b/c I've slept with ppl who've said they were negative but I don't know if they were or not and I had no reservations then. 

Cost wouldn't be an issue. My co-pay would be 45 dollars per month w/o co-pay assistance.  I just don't want to miss out on a good guy b/c of my hang ups about a virus that they have under control and they aren't really infectious.  I don't know, but thanks for your input. It will give me something to think about.


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