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Decision to start treatment and possible side effects

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Ok, so I know everyone has their opinion about when to start treatment but I would like to hear you guys out. I was diagnosed positive Dec '13. Now after my 2nd set of blood work without meds I'm currently sitting at CD4 488/30% VL 1800.

I'm living in Asia at the moment and although the HIV program here is almost fully subsidized (only have to pay about USD15 for each visit and USD5 for 3 months worth of drugs). However, on the down side the doctors are not very attentive and you have to see a different one (out of the 3 they have) every other time. However, we do each have a designated nurse who handles our case.

Now the doc has asked me to start meds, but I have my doubts because he was rushing to go on lunch break. I'm wondering if I should go on it now or not. Also, he has prescribed me Kivexa + Efavirenz. Can anyone share with your experience w these meds?

I thought the key factor you were weighing was starting a new job. And wanting to wait until you were settled in that a few months before starting HAART.
Also doesn't seem like you are settled in one place. You seemed to be wanting to go back to Canada but that would be difficult. On the other hand, you don't seem fully committed to your present city, country, even though its been years there?
I mention this because, imo, if you are not in a crisis situation about starting, it doesn't sound like you are ready yet and should start in a solid place. Its only been a few months since your diagnosis.
If you felt solid in your job and more confident in your place and the care there, then start.

Hey Meech,

Thanks for pointing out some key points I have outlined before. After my initial shock and desire to escape Asia due to my diagnosis, I have come to terms with this condition and I am no longer freaking out and feeling a strong urge to move back to Canada as I  would like to invest my younger and healthier years on my career to ensure I achieve my career goals and a comfortable retirement. There are opportunities for me in Asia that are harder to come by in Canada.

I feel good and excited having accepted my new job and I'm quite committed to staying in Asia the next 2 years. So in terms of mental state I am feeling more stable now.

I also want to start treatment because I would feel less scared of passing the virus to someone else. Now I'm trying to decide when to start so I have less stress. Starting now gives me some buffer time before starting work full force as I have about 2 weeks time before I start my new job and can buffer it out.

With this low VL and good cd4 you could safely differ meds


--- Quote from: ShadesOfGrey80 on February 26, 2014, 01:14:05 AM --- Also, he has prescribed me Kivexa + Efavirenz. Can anyone share with your experience w these meds?

--- End quote ---

I'm on K & V ...



Have you had the HLA B*5701 test already ? This is a must do before initiating K

If I had your numbers, I'd check the virus closely but no go on meds
If I had a job opportunity in Asia, I'd stay there

Meds or no meds, you have to use condoms since you do not want other STDs, this is good enough to protect others

Hope this helps



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