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Holiday Post Card


Holiday has done me a world off good. The house and surrounding area was a joy to be in . Cockermouth the nearest town packed with antique shops off the affordable kind and the 2 year search for a china Melita coffee filter has come to an end with matching Jug pot . Living alone it did me good to be with 10 people and 3 canines . Managed a 4 mile walk around one off the Waters and got up up to the Waterfall , next day very stiff.

Housemates as well as excellent company also great cooks and the evening meal saw me packing in the calories and even able to drink a glass off white wine without the past problems. All that rubbish printed on the hydro morphine packs about avoid alcohol ,should be changed to find alcohol the mix is great.

Returning to the London flat all the kitchen debris was gone found out next day Miss Chrissy and Sweet Jane had come and cleared the lot , so its been enjoyable to be working out the next step with the kitchen bathroom project.

The dog walked a minimun 15 miles a day , is eating 2 bowls off food looking very fit and sleek.

Wish I could give you all one , ed---a holiday that is , cheeky Brit seaside humour, terrable stuff.

PS made use for the first time off the railways help a cripple program -very useful especially getting on the train as they do the baggage and see you to your seat. Much better than fighting it out with 300 hundred other folk.

Glad you had a great vacation and the welcomed blessing upon returning home.  Now, get rested up.  :)


I hope to see more of your wonderful pictures Michael. Welcome home!  :)

So happy the vacation was a great one!  I also would love to see some pics.  Please take care of yourself now that you're home. 


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