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Re: Toothbrush Incident..Help me!!!

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Oops told off again

I said the same as you matty- I know you guys are fine, but we can all express ourselves.

Dont try to push me out of this forum as well!

I know a bit about stuff from various reasons,  so I know a little bit to be able to help

I hope you are fine btw hss x

Sae: aren't understanding what Matty has told you in what was actually a kind manner.

You were in the midst of your own crisis...regardless of what you've learned here in your brief tenure, would you, in the throes of your own panic, take the word of someone who is writing into the board for advice themselves at the same time?  Uh...nope.

Wait until your own crisis has passed, learn a bit and eventually help is welcome.  What we don't need is inaccurate advice and the moderators to have to come and check everyones work.

Seriously....think about have no credibility at this time, and this site is all about credibility.  The experts you see here (and I do NOT include myself in that category whatsoever) are experts for a reason.


I have never proclaimed to be an expert, yes she can wait for a mod to say it or a health expert, but if I say it will hopefully be reassuring for her as well- she doesnt need to only have certain people posting!

As far as Im awarw this place is for people to speak to each other about problems- I post on other random foryms about stuff and its that way - if the rules here say not to post, then I wont. But if it is a free forum, then I cant see any problem as long as I am not insulting anyone

I think you will also see from my post that I said I would await the responses of others

And btw the stuff I have learned if from THT, health workers in the uk and has been over a years worth of knowledge,as well as sexual health courses through my work as a teacher. So hopefuly I know a bit more than the average person on the street


You've completely missed the point, and I will not further this conversation with you on someone elses' thread.

Do whatever you will anyway.


Nope I havent missed the point at all, and you dont know me to know what I do and dont do so please dont comment


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