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I was recently diagnosed and been on meds for a short time. I am currently experience some issues with adjusting with my new life and would like support from a professional, due to my work (outside the US) I would like to know if anyone know a good therapist who can provide his/her services at a distance (via phone/skype)...

Jeff G:
You may be able to find something useful here . .

Best of luck .

Turtle; Welcome to the forums, and kudos to you for reaching out to a professional to help you through this - it certainly helped me. 

In terms of working with someone remotely - I tried to connect my therapist with another member here via phone/skype, and my therapist couldn't because they could not practice outside of their licensed geographical boundaries (in this case Oregon).

I do know that there were a few ASOs that had telephone support groups, that may be an option for you too.

I wish I had more of a solution for you.


Feel free to DM me - I see a fantastic psychologist who has been amazing for me on the journey. I am pretty sure that she has several clients via distance therapy via Skype etc. She is located in Toronto, but is licensed in several US states.


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