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I miss my friends

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It has been a few years since I LOGGED IN.. there are so many new folks now. hard to tell where I fit in.. ( if I do )  26 years with the bug is strange.. why not me? why Lisa ,Tim, rick. scooter, and the rest of all of us old farts.. Iremember the love, support. fights jokes, scares... I miss you ALL . and I will never forget...EVER

Jeff G:
Welcome back ! . There are some new old farts here for you to get to know so please stick around . Jeff .

welcome back form one old fart to another!!!OOPPS I THINK I JUST FARTED,,,!!!LOL

Hey Lis,

There are still some of us hanging around.

Good to see you, again.




I have thought about you so often, and wondered how you are doing...not sure if I still have the correct email address for you (Mine hasn't changed, so write me when you can!)  I know it's hard for you to are you doing, healthwise?  how is the family?

This 'getting old' shit is nuts, isn't it?   Last year was one medical test after another for me, all year long...and didn't find a damn thing.

Yes, Lis we have lost quite a few of our 'old gang'.   I miss them so much, too.  I don't plan on going anywhere.  I'll work until I can't stand up, then they'll make me dig my own grave, climb in, and MAYBE someone will cover me up!  LOL



PS  I don't check in much these days; I do most of my 'computer stuff' on my iphone.....but something just kept NAGGING at me to log in today.  I am so glad I did!


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