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A GOOD Liver !

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   Well a year ago the I.D. Docs told me my Liver was going down hill fast  :(

     As of yesterday I was told i have a Liver any 60 year old would be proud
    to own  ;D

      I'm thinking the change from Reyataz has made the difference .

    Other than dealing with pain , it comes and goes ( in the night )  I am doing well .

     I was down to 209 pounds , But  have gained 20 pounds back  :(

     My latest blood work was WONDERFUL !     Which  is amazing  because
I went back to my old ways ,   Beer , Coffee with heavy cream and sugar .
Eating what i want . and the LABS look great !

    My Husband ( BOB )   has been dealing with a broken leg & crushed foot bone  :'(     He is back walking after three months !

   Winter has been rough this year . I had a bad bout of depression , seems
like Thiothixene  is helping with my gloomy mood . 
    That's all  :)

That is great news from start to finish Carl!

You have been through so much with Bob and your own personal stresses. Keep it up and pass on your secrets.


It's always nice to find out your liver is a good liver. Bad livers are so obnoxious. That said...

Have you got your doc to schedule a sleep study for you? If it comes back negative then you can celebrate something else nice in your life. If it comes back positive...well, that knowledge might keep you from kicking the bucket in your sleep if you follow up and get treatment. Just saying...

Okay...enough of my happy talk...

Good to know you got some good news!

Awesome Carl.  And who wouldn't be a little depressed after this nasty Winter we've had in the Midwest.  Even I'm looking forward to some heat, although I'll surely bitch the first time it hits 70.


Hey Carl,

That is great news about your liver. I am glad your honey is up and walking again.

I think everyone living with the bug deals with some degree of depression, glad you are being proactive.

Hope spring comes soon for you all.




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