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Quick question regarding oral thrush


I had a incident in early December of 05. I have tested negative at the 3, 6, 11, and 20 mark. I have had my symptoms and main problems start around the 9 week mark. For the past month I have had oral thrush, I have been given one medication which consisted of a liquid to drink, the second one was called clotrimazole. It still persists and I am not sure about what to do. All the tests were done by blood except for the last one, which was a 20 minute orasure one. Does having oral thrush or any other mouth disorder effect the results of the orasure test? How common is it to have oral thrush for a month or longer? I was on antibiotics for almost 2.5 months prior to getting oral thrush.

So you've been diagnosised with thrush? Thrush will NOT effect your orasure results. The prolong use of antibiotics cause thrush.


You are reliably hiv negative.

If you are having problems with persistent thrush, please go back to your doctor. It might also help you to eat live culture yogurt as it will help replace the friendly bacteria killed off by intensive use of antibiotics. Your body needs these friendly bacteria to keep things like thrush at bay. We all have the organism that causes thrush in and on our bodies - and when the friendly bacteria gets killed off, the thrush can start causing problems.

It has nothing to do with hiv. You are hiv negative.


Andy Velez:
PS And even though thrush can be very resistant to treatment that still does not invalidate your HIV test result nor the fact that you are HIV negative. Period.


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