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Needle stick involving urine


Hi guys,

I am a nurse who had an exposure yesterday. While drawing urine out of a pt.'s urinary catheter with a needle (pt. is known HIV +) I was superficially stuck by the needle. I took off my glove, washed my hands and inspected the area- no visible blood was coming out. Later, we sent a specimen of the patient's urine to the lab to check for blood, and there was none. My employer is saying that this is a low risk exposure and I shouldn't need PEP but I still have the option if I wish. I am really conflicted about this. Unfortunately, not wanting to make a big deal of it in front of my coworkers, I did not go to employee health immediately after the incident. It has now been about 24 hours. What do you guys think- risky or not? PEP or not? Thanks so much and God bless.

Non risk issue even if there were blood found in the urine. HIV is not transmitted in that manner. Follow the bloodborne pathogen guidelines set up at your hospital.

Thanks RapidRod! Your picture is cool and kinda scary actually.... lol. I guess I'm going to go ahead with all of the testing and so on. It's so easy to educate people about this kind of thing every day.. but when it's your neck on the line, it's easy to be paranoid. Always one to be governed by my gut feelings, though, I have to say that I'm not especially worried. It's just that when they're asking you to decide, you're like ummm... am I an idiot to say "no, thanks?"


The bottom line here is that urine is not infectious for hiv.



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