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Anyone watching?

I've been recording it on my DVR  but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet.   Have you watched them?   Thoughts?

Ok watched the first two episodes....pretty good . Quite actually

pretty good.  The "old" character, worried about his mojo, is just 40.  Ouch!

The young character seems a little too innocent but that's because Im so old I forget that "the young man from the provinces arrives in the big city" is still a thing.

This is probably the best gay tv show I've seen.  So far they have avoided the stupid gay stereotypes and cliche's that most gay shows fall into (hello will and grace yes I'm talking to you).  Granted this isn't network tv and it's 2014 so not a fair comparison.  But this is still so far pretty damn good.

Speaking of which I went and saw the live RuPauls drag race show when it was in Seattle a week ago.  It was horrible (and I like drag race).  Ugh it was the worst. 


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