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Hi Pete. Welcome.

Hello Pete and Welcome as a new Board Member.


--- Quote from: Ann on February 09, 2014, 07:58:50 AM ---Pete, what hiv meds are you on? You've mentioned some other meds you're on, but not the hiv ones.

I'm asking for two reasons. One, if you're on a combo that includes Sustiva (such as Atripla), the Sustiva won't be doing you any favours depression-wise.

Two, if you're taking something like Kaletra or any other PI that is boosted with Norvir, that could be contributing to the diarrhea problem. Have you discussed this problem with your doctor? There are meds you can take to help, such as Immodium, and also sometimes dietary changes will help.

So, what meds?


--- End quote ---

            Hi Anne,
                            I've been on Truvada since i started ARTS, Currently on Raltegravir.     I have to watch my diet with Diabetes.  I do take Gastro Stop/Immodium, but in very high doses at times, 20-30 a day.
I also take 30 units insulin, twice a day, gliclazide, anti inflamatorys, Endep, Endone, Temaze, Mirtazapine, panadol osteo.     When I started ARTS I did a year on Efavirenz, that made me somewhat more insane than I feel now.     The Mirtapine and temaze/Endone help, but I still get periods of uncontrollable worrying, and I guess looking at it erratic behavior.   I certainly don't feel in control of my health.  I just had to have Cortizone shots in my elbow yesterday, as it swelled to the size of a Tennis Ball, my GP thinks i might have Gout.   I leak protein in my wee.
                           Many years ago I was an intravenous drug user, Ive had Chronic Active Persistent Hepatitis B since 1985, and yes I believe Fibrosis Level2/3, of the Liver.     
                           I turned 50 last July.  I spend 3-4 months a year in Hosp, usually trying different drugs to cope with different problems.  I've allready had my first Hosp Stay this year, tho only for 10 days, my weight went from 98Kgs to 74 Kgs in 6 weeks.  It's the third time I get the weight loss,  and of course blood results reflect it.     Last results were  for Dec, CD4 1152, 38%,VL Undetectable, so I should be great, but then the results go crazy  when i get sick.  I don't understand why with such good results I get so many issues, some related some not.   
                           I do love to live where i do, but it is isolated, and realistically the only support is in the cities, so it is a tough life here.   I won't be moving tho.  I get this house with about 500 acres for $25 a week.  At night it is dark, black dark, with no lights anywhere, you can see the stars, milky way, galaxys, it's incredible.There is even a creek on the property for fishing and swimming.   I could not afford housing in the city, anyway, not on the current Social Security.   Once my bills are payed, I have virtually nothing left. I pay rent, Electricity, phone/internet.  I have a Motorbike because it is the cheapest form of transport.  The nearest Bus stop for Public transport is 17K.    I've started hassling the services in Sydney now, and if i get no joy I'll go to the press.  I even sent letters recorded delivery.   So hopefully something will get sorted.   

Irish Eyes:
So i am in fairly constant contact with the person who infected me and he has become very coy with his answers.
For the record he seems the coolest of people.
For the last 2 months weve been texting and on the phone but, I've been trying to sit down and 'talk' about our situation.
Rt now he's in Melbourne and then Sydney for 'work' so I've another 2 weeks to wait to talk.
He's apparently taking the news very hard as he didnt know he was poz (even though he's an escort) and during our last conversation he 'just happened' to mention that he was going to therapy.
I told him that I applauded him for reaching out, but internally I was thinking, 'why r u telling a stranger, you r going to edit what u reveal and let them hear what they want to hear, but it's the people in your life that u should b talking to/unloading so they can understand as they know you, your story in life, and relate and advise accordingly.
I've told him I'm on this site and asked him to visit it but he blew it off.
For me it's been a godsend.
I don't know if this is of any help, but it's always good to vent.
Take care and keep smiling


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