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Dear hearts.

Its been a particularly poorly week. Two big medical appointments have been attended to. While in Hospital a cat Scan revealed that my spleen had grown since the last time it posed and quite a few off my lymph nodes where swollen, however no biopsies as all indications regarding infection showed that I was clearing all active infection. Yesterday I  saw for the first time my new GP , who assumed from my discharge report that my Hodgkin had return, I said that was not the conclusion off the HIV/oncology team.

Today I met with my HIV doctor off 15 + years , and it is agreed that the swollen lymph nodes need to be kept an eye on especially as I still feel very unwell. I meet with him in 4 weeks time and am encouraged to contact him in the meantime , a Scan will occur after that meeting if my health and bloods indicate its needed.

In the meantime I am crunching morphine sulphate and that gets me off the sofa for a couple off hours a day .

As those off you who know I write these sum up,s so that firstly I am clear about whats going on , else it can just seem like blundering from one medical environment to the other.

Hopefully the tone will gain some more glitter in the coming weeks.

A word off heart felt thanks to friends who are walking Mia , dealing with mind shattering idiotic bureaucracy totally stripped off any empathetic input , and putting up with groans.

Later as the babies say , futurama as I reply to there general confusion.

Jeff G:
Theyer my dear man . We really must stop meeting this way . Cheery-O- .

Please look after yourself and keep us updated . Hugles .


Im so sorry to hear that you are not feeling so great.Please take it easy, rest up,  and let your friends  continue to look after you and Mia.


OMG sorry didnt realise pre haart thread again : ;)

Sorry you're dealing with such difficulties.  Sending lots of positive energy your way.  Take care of yourself.



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