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Anyone using Serostim??


I have been thinking about asking my doctor to put me on serostim...Anyone on serostim out there and if so Please let me know what your experience with it is and if i should consider using it to help with wasting etc..thanks!

I have been using Serostim  for nearly 10 first it was every day to combat the wasting ....after about 4 yrs when "wasting" was stable ( stopped losing weight faster than gaining)     went to every other day ..started to build up some lean muscle ( always very slim so not a muscle person)  then started an organized  program at local gym with a trainer to get some definition ..use Serostim the night before each session..usually 3Xwk...good results..continue using it now and will until Ins. will not pay ......downside is it is very expensive if Insurance doesn't cover it  and for a short while the market was flooded with "fake product"  be careful that you only buy from reliable sources..there are no bargains....


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