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help,where do ibegin

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hi everyone
i shall start at the begining ilve in the south east of englang and in june went to liverpool on astag do got very drunk wandered home and stupidly when stopped and asked by woman on the street i agreed oral sex  unprotected lasted around 4 mins then wndered on my merry way.Next morning iget the horrors find abrasion on the inside of my foreskin ithen remember nights events recalling that this woman was probaly a drug user.On returning home full of guilt and horror go into london to gum and havfull std screen doctor tells me risk from hiv is negliable,does nothing to ease my fears igo back have hiv test at 8 weeks neg doctor tells me this is good as most time s it will show all the time this is going on ihave all sorts of symptons lower back pain pain and numbness in legs andb many more.i then went back at 11 weeks still not convinced negative again but i still cant get rid of symptons or feelings go back again 15 weeks test again negative great i can finally see the light,no 1week later igetr sore throat well a feeling that something is stuck and makes me want gag when i drink also notice yellow slimey coating on tongue this ahs now lasted 4 week and last week i had terrible stomach gases and nausea and the runs on and off for around 2 week s i am out of my mind with worry have tried to test again at different clinic but the said no, iwould just like to ask aquestion about tests in uk gum clinics whattype of tests would have been done they drew blood and what would they have looking for,and i would like to thank everyone you have been agreat help at avery lonley time

Andy Velez:
Freddie, you weren't at risk for HIV from getting a blowjob, irritated foreskin notwithstanding. In the entire history of the epidemic there's never been a case of transmission in this manner, and as you may imagine it's one of the most common sexual activities. Not one! And you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

So it's no surprise you have repeatedly tested negative. There's no need for further testing.

Your symptoms? That's something to discuss with your doctor. Whatever they are about they have nothing to do with HIV. I suspect stress plays some part in them as well as the fact that you're looking for proof of your worst fears.

If you haven't already done so I suggest you read the lesson on Transmission which you can find a link to in the Welcome thread which begins this section. As far as HIV and sex goes, the main thing is to make certain you always use a condom for intercourse.

You also need to remember that mixing excessive drinking and casual sex is a dangerous combination which makes negotiating safer sex much more difficult. Avoid that in the future for your health's sake.

This time out you have no cause for concern about HIV.


thanks andy for your quick reply,iknow this message is one you,ve read a thousand times and i will try to take something from your comments,but since i had the all clear at 15 weeks i have slept with my wife and now i am terrified i have passed it on to her sorry,to go on but as i said inmy last post the tests that were carried out what would they entail.
many thanks and good luck to all.

Andy Velez:
Maybe that's just leftover guilt for having strayed, Freddie. And in any case you cannot pass on what you don't yourself have. You have reliably tested negative for HIV.

You're a dog like the rest of us and you went straying. You can't undo that bit of your personal history and lugging around guilt or shame about it is bad for all concerned. Take a breath, let it go and get on with your life. No kidding.


sorry guys 
as i have asked before does anyone know what type (in the dark about all this generation stuff)  gum clinics in london use and what are they looking for antibodies? or hiv itself,sorry again just need educating!
cheers and good luck


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