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started PEP - anyone else?

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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: capreise on January 10, 2014, 07:49:46 PM ---well I'm confused now because you're the one who moved my thread to this category but now you're basically saying I'm not within the guidelines...

For a website that's supposed to encourage positive discussion in a community of many individuals that most often need some kind of support from others, you sure are quite the "hospitable" moderator.  All you've done so far is reply with thinly veiled hostility.  Guess this isn't the welcoming sort of group for me.  Later

--- End quote ---

You did not read the posting guidelines and now want to blame me for it . I have been very polite to you and gave you the facts .

We do encourage discussion from people who are living with hiv or have family , spouses and friends who are dealing with the virus .

We also do risk assessments like you were in need of and I provided it . I was simply letting you know this is the forum you should be posting in and that's why I moved it here . I was also telling to read the posting guidelines so that you would know that you have 3 free questions before having to buy a subscription, I didn't want you to waste your three questions on non sense like this . I wishing you the best . 


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