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About 5 days, I posted a question regarding about hiv transmission from a handjob from a sex worker. Last night, I discovered a swollen lymph node on my back about 4" from the armpit and this morning the node is already shrinking/disappear. Is this ARS? It has been been 10days since I got the handjob. Thanks.

Now go see a doctor. You have never been exposed and this has nothing to do with HIV.

Excuse my ignorance. can a lymph node appear on the back? or is it that lymph nodes everywhere throughout the body? and how long does it take for a lymph nodes to shrink or disappear?

I've never seen a lymph node and not sure what I had last night is a lymph node. Thanks in advance for your elaboration.

If you are poking them. Usually will clear up quickly. Non-medical personnel can not usually diagnosis a swollen lymph node only a physician can.


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