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Hello, I'm sorry if someone already asked the same question.
7 days ago, I visited a mature "massuese". She massaged me laying down naked and she had her clothes on. During this time, she repeatedly rubbed my back, between my crack, my anus and  my genitals with massage oil. Finally, she masterbated my penis for about 1-2 minutes (I was not wearing any condom, and she did not wear any glove) and I ejaculated (No oral, anal or intercouse). I touched her legs and buttocks. I do not know whether she had any cuts, sore on her hands when she masterbated my penis. 3 days after the massage, I had irritated anus and lasted about 3 days. Sometimes I had "funny" feeling in abdominal, in which I often hear gurgling or belching, but I think this is due to high stress and anxiety.
1) I am wondering if the touching was dangerous especially around the anal area and my genital and if you would reccomend getting an HIV test.

2) Assume that 90% chance that the massuese had a wound/sore on her hand, should I be concerned about HIV infection when she masturbated my penis and when I ejaculated?

Thank you for your time.

Andy Velez:
Mo, there was absolutely no risk during this incident relative to HIV. None whatsoever.

Perhaps the oil she used irritated your anus. It still has nothing to to with HIV. HIV is transmitted in very specific ways and being masturbated in any manner is not one of them. If you haven't already done so then you should read the lesson about transmission. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread in this section.

Being masturbated is not in anyway a risk for HIV.

If you have physical symptoms which are concerning you those should be discussed with your doctor.


Thank you so much for your response, Andy.
But I'm very concerned that what if she had an open cut on her hand and can HIV transmitted from her cut to my ureth when I ejaculated. Thanks again.


Hiv is simply NOT transmitted in this manner. Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus that is primarily transmitted INSIDE the human body, as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. You did NOT have an hiv risk by ANY stretch of the imagination.

As a former professional bodyworker (masseur, the male form) I can assure that no one in the profession, no one who offers a straight forward non-sexual massage or someone who offers a sexual massage/component, works with open wounds.  The bacteria on anyone's skin would be rubbed in causing major stinging.  Second, as a former information specialist for the National Aids Hotline, I also confirm what the moderators have said: skin to skin contact cannot transmit hiv.  If you take a further step back, if she doesn't have hiv, she cannot transmit hiv, so only if she were hiv positive would this question come up and that has been answered.  You may have eaten something which disagreed with your internal system (given the symptoms) or are suffering stress from not understanding transmission.  Anything is possible with your anus, including your not cleaning it thoroughly enough and hence irritating the area.  Win


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