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Some things I feel like discussing, so I posted on my blog.

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Jaser, Im a very educated man. All I came up with is "squeak".  You are way younger than me, but apparantly years ahead of your time since you too coined the term "squeak" on this forum.   ;)

I'm not too sure I should touch this as it is always a sensitive issue. But, here goes.

Firstly, there is only one race, the human race. Racism, per say, is a social construct designed to discriminate on the basis of skin colour or some other cultural difference.
Secondly, I think you will find that the world's dominant skin colour may not be white if you mean by 'dominant' sheer numbers, but I guess white is dominant in terms of power and wealth.
The reason you don't have or need a 'white entertainment channel' is that 'white' culture already dominates most of what is on tv. Sometimes minority groups need their own vehicle for their voice/culture to express itself as it otherwise gets drowned out by the noise from the dominant culture.

If your point is that reverse racism sucks, I could not agree more. Racism sucks no matter which way it is directed.

Yeah, the thing is, a lot of what I wrote was kind of sarcastic.

My point is basically that I don't like the fact that the NOTION of something like a white entertainment channel would be deemed racist. I don't actually want one or need one, but I'm angry that people's heads are screwed up to the point that they think anytime anyone suggests that it's okay to be white all hell breaks loose. A lot of people act like all white people should be ashamed of themselves just because they're white? Which makes no sense. That's like back when slavery was okay and people going against black people just because they're black. It's wrong etiher way. And I don't like people trying to make me feel guilty because I'm not up to giving ANYONE special privledges or discriminating against anyone because of their skin color at all.

Like, I don't know about where anyone else lives, but here it's okay for black kids to laugh at white kids and call them discriminatory names because they're white, but if a white kid did the same to a black kid, it'd be wrong. I'm not saying the white kid should be able to do that, I'm saying neither should (in a mean way, I understand when people joke around, my friends call each other faggots and queers all the time and it's not meant to be nasty, but in these cases it is).

I get your point.
Is there an easy solution, I doubt it.
In reality, if we did away with the concept of racism (as there is only one race, and the mere mention of racism perpetuates the myth that there is more than one race) and looked at it all in terms of harrassment and discrimination etc then the colour of the persons skin doing the harrassing/discriminating etc is irrelevant.
Getting people to drop their ingraned notion of race, however, is somewhere between buckleys and none.

Also, depending on where you live, just because the majority does something, doesnt make it right.


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