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How to Survive a Plague..and why watching it was a bad thing (maybe)

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Marco how are you?

I'm MUCH better now, knowing you are out of hospital--AND using the word 'fuck'! ;-)


--- Quote from: MarcoPoz on January 23, 2014, 08:46:10 AM ---I'm MUCH better now, knowing you are out of hospital--AND using the word 'fuck'! ;-)

--- End quote ---

I blush but for you dear Marco I will go the extra mile . And I had no doubt that you would find a way off proceeding .
It,s all training .


Hey Marco,

I had much the same reaction as you to the film; I have not been able to express my feelings about it nearly as eloquently as you....and excellent use of the F word, by the way, and never, in my opinion, more appropriate.  What else can you say?  FUCK

During my "sick years", as I refer to most of the 90's, life was so weird.  Thinking you might die any visits so often, it was not unusual for me to go every day during a 5 day week....transfusions, pentamadine treatments, molluscum removal surgeries one after another, on and on.....and in and out of the hospital so much, it was basically my home.  I took that damn AZT every 4 hours, like clockwork, and it just about killed me.   I am so damaged (as many of us are) from those early drugs and treatments, that even if I was "cured" of AIDS tomorrow, I would never be really 'well' again.  Watching the film brought it all home, made me think of all those ugly things that I have built brick walls around in my mind....a mind that is so wacked from so many years of anti-depressants, it's a wonder I can have a rational thought.

Knowing there are others who share our experiences and feelings helps; Right now I'm trying to get through Dr. Michael Saag's book Positive, and it has stirred up much the same feelings as "How to Survive a Plague".  I have just about come to the conclusion that I do better if I don't look back, but just keep on TRYING to move forward.   I have ALWAYS been a person to look back and to remember....the past has always been very much with me.   But if I could wipe out the 90's from my memory, it really wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen.

Thanks for letting me ramble on.    HUGS to all my fellow LTSers,


I made the mistake of watching the the dallas distrbuters club I cryed for 2 days... FUCK


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