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How to Survive a Plague..and why watching it was a bad thing (maybe)

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MarcoPoz: I watched it.  I'd put it off as long as possible, but since my entire world, it seems is always connected to HIV, ALL my friends were blathering on about it.  So...I watched it.  fuck.  Like I needed someone to remind me of what is most likely PTSD related total suppression of my early years living with and dying from HIV.  Yes, like many others here, I too am Lazarus.  I saw how young everybody was--I knew where I was and the activism I was involved with during each scene of this movie.  I could taste the much waited for miracle of DDI on the back of my throat and yep--still made me gag. fuck. 

I re-lived the arc of ARC, the conference in San Francisco, the picc lines, KS, quilts, anger, fear, empowerment, indignation, discrimination, death, hope and love.   fuck.

I too wonder:  How did I make it?  Why did I make it?  WHy did almost all of my friends and clients die? fuck.

Then I contemplated the decline in urgency from every corner of our fight.  The movie had said that finally the doors were open to us (PWA's.  Yeah, I still use that term, eventhough it offends others) but how quickly the doors have closed.  We became a system....a process...a bureaucracy...a clique of cliques.  Did we have some transfer of power ritual that I'm not aware of, or did we just willingly go into being co-opted happily?  Perhaps the lure of our PWA organizations to the big-boy's table has always been too much for us.  Then we allowed ourselves to be shut off again from decisions at HRSA and CDC.

But we should be happy about our comprehensive plan for HIV from the Obama administration (vague, opaque, unfocused and unrealistic--oh and UN-FUNDED)

We have meds.  Good.  Side effects still suck.  fuck.  Access is still fucked.  fuck.  Dr.'s still make moral judgments on who is worthy of receiving HAART based on patient behavioral issues.  fuck.  Our epidemic is larger than it ever was.  fuck.  Our epidemic now is more disproportunately black.  fuck.  Oh, and still Gay.  fuck.  And women still get it.  fuck. Oh, and it's younger now too.  fuck.

The messages I keep hearing--the 'line' if you will that I am almost being forced to tell newly diagnosed people is that HIV is no problem--couple-a-pills-a-day...or even just one!  Stigma no longer exists.  Get of the public health system and get right back into the swing of things, little fella.  fuck.

Mostly...I'm lost.  I'm crying.  I miss so many, so desperately.  I wonder what all the effort has really gotten us.  I still don't know how or why I made it--and my hubris forbids me from facing the fact that it was just dumb luck.

I'll go tomorrow and see newly diagnosed patients.  I will work with them.  I'll spend more time then I'm supposed to, given my funding and intervention model.  I'll mostly just listen and try to offer hope and some direction amid the confusion.

But lately...I'll still either come home and cry--or just bury the past again. 


Fucking documentary.


I fucking agree with you, Marco. I lived through this time; I lost friends. I have the side effects from the early drugs that did almost as much harm as they did good. I refused to see the film even though it was shown as a fund-raiser for my ASO.

I hope you got some sleep and are feeling better now. I'm glad you were able to vent and put your grief into words.
Hugs, Deiby

Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

Fucking agree with the fucking sense your fucking making off the fucking state off  play at the fucking moment , Do know that 19 bed ward was full for 10 days not the fucking 8 days I first thought I was fucking in for.

For some off us its a fucking weird time and shows every indication off being so for some more tears/years yet, the fact that historical documentary's are being made being perhaps the most surprising fucking event.

Well that's more fucks than I have had in past 15 years. and deserves a Fuck off its own

ed--tis the price off being ALIFE dear Marco , that's all the fucking sense I can make off it


          MarcoPoz  , What else could you possibly say to newly diagnosed patients ?  You have to be gentle and caring .
   We are no longer in the Death Zone , so to speak .
   The film brought out some very awful times , I lived through them . Most of my friends  died years ago .
   I have new friends now , because of HIV / AIDS .
   I have a hope that some narrow minded ass holes will watch that film and possibly walk away with a little compassion  .
   Having such a stigma attached is truly a burden to live with , but i'm still here
 good days bad days , very bad days :( 

 Your quote :  " Mostly...I'm lost.  I'm crying.  I miss so many, so desperately.  I wonder what all the effort has really gotten us.  I still don't know how or why I made it--and my hubris forbids me from facing the fact that it was just dumb luck. "
   I assume on my part good  genes ?   No body seems to know .

                                                     Weasel , Please don't cry  :-*


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