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What Vitamins and Supplements should I take?

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I've been recently diagnosed (cd4, viral load, cd4% in my signature) and I'm wondering what all vitamins and supplements I should take. The only thing that my doctor told me to take was "Centrum A-Z one-a-day". Anything else that one might suggest?


For myself, I take:

1) men's multivitamin
2) CoQ10
3) NAC
4) Selenium
5) Monolaurin
6) Vitamin C
7) Once in a while, Green Tea extract

This seems to work for me.


Here's a link to some good information on supplements.  I recommend caution when using supplements.  There may be benefits but there are risks also.

Unless you have an obvious deficency, you probablly won't get any reccomendation other that " A good Multivatamin" from your doc. This is one area where its necessary to do some homework, the Nutrition section of the Lessons here is a great start  (make sure to follow the link to at the bottom)
You'll probablly never find two people that take the same vitamin combo, and its not unusual for some to take two or three times more supliments than Meds.
 I'd caution you about so called 'Mega Dosing"- taking many times the reccomended dose of any given vitamin or supliment without the direct advice from YOUR doctor ( not some dipshit on the internet in a white coat)  some meds can have interactions with supliments....
Any nutritionist will stress the idea of getting your nutrients from food sources as opposed to a tablet, heres a link to one of my favorite websites...www.whfoods.comWorlds Healthiest Foods    

A friend of mine started drinking DanActive (an immunity booster found next to the yogurt at your local grocery store) He drinks it everyday and his doctor was shocked at his bloodwork.  His T-Cells rose and his viral load went down.  Of course, there may be other reasons but the doc said she is going to recommend it for all her patients.  What the hell I am going to give it a try, it actually taste good and it isn't too expensive.  I have tried worse things over the past 21 years.  Good luck.


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