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I just tested positive for HIV and hepatitis B

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is there anyone on here that has the same co-infection?  I feel lost- any information regarding treatments and more would be greatly appreciated. I am feeling really scared and overwhelmed- i don't know where to start.  Thanks


I am sorry that you tested positive for HIV and Hep B.  I tested positive for Hep B in 1995 at which time I was not HIV Positive.  I tested Positive for HIV on August 10, 2006.  Although both of these diseases are frightening, You can live.  Just remember to take care of yourself and listening to what your doctor tell you.  Do you have an Infectious Disease Doctor?  Have you started treatment for the Hep B?


Poz Brit:
I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, Where to start? It already has, you can and will live with it, take one step at a time, and things will work out.
I will arrive at my first year after diagnosis at the end of November, itís still not good, but itís getting better.

All the best to you.


Andy Velez:
Just, you've come to the right place. Welcome!

Most importantly you need to have a doctor you who is watching your numbers regarding HIV. As far as Hep B is concerned treatment for it is not given for most self-limiting infections when symptoms last for only a few months. The best thing you can do is to rest and eat well. For chronic cases, alpha-interferon injections are the standard of treatment for approximately four months. Get your doctor's opinion as to where you are at.

As for HIV, it takes time to get adjusted to having it in your life, but you will. Gradually you'll learn everything you need to know about staying healthy. Your partnership with your doctor is a very important tool. You want someone who's up on HIV and with whom you can talk and ask questions when you need to.

There are several lessons on this site which you may find useful, including the one about disclosure. I urge you to take your time with making decisions. Often so many feelings are stirred up after being diagnosed that people feel impelled to "do something," when in fact the best thing is to take your time to take it in and be with yourself.

You're always welcome here to ask questions and to discuss anything that's on your mind.



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