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I've had unprotected anal intercourse with men who say that they are negative.  Most recently 3 days ago.  I had a neg test result on 05/24.  I've had a sinus / ear infection that was treated with antibiotics.  I felt better for nearly a week, but the symptom that is the most bothersome has returned and it is  that I become pretty sweaty off and on throughout the day; where my t-shirt is wet.  (I work in an office.)  It seems my entire body temperature regulation is out of whack. 

It sounds like the first thing to do is go see my doctor tomorrow and get some tests run for any other STD's.  I've rimmed, so maybe what I've got is a non-HIV STD.  The calming messages that I've read  in these posts and that has helped.  Any thoughts?  And thanx in advance.


Symptoms mean nothing where hiv is concerned as you can have some, none or all of the symptoms usually associated with primary hiv infection and be positive or negative.  The only way to determine your status is through testing at the appropriate time. 

Unprotected anal intercourse is considered high risk for hiv, especially for the receptive partner.  You should never rely on what someone tells you about their hiv status.  And until you are in a securely monogomous relationship, you should always use condoms for vaginal or anal sex.

To determine your status you will need to test at 13 weeks past your last possible exposure.  If you have a hard time waiting that long, a 6 week test would be an excellent indication of your status.  It would, however, still need to be confirmed with a 13 week test.


Thank-you Morgan.  The bigger issue is that I've been running "out of control".  That, I'm going to address, too.



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