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I really could use a little advice at the moment, as i cant tell whether I'm really off track. Little over a week ago i was in a medical waiting room, i had saliva on my fingers and then touched the arm of the chair i began to rub the wood (i fidget when I'm nervous). I then put my fingers to my mouth again, when i looked down i saw a little patch of blood, about the size of a finger print (I'm the form of a smear and some splashes). It was then i began to panic, I know i came into contact with it. I had a cut right at the opening of my mouth where i put my finger to, and at least 4 other ulcers in my mouth. I thought saliva must inhibit it or something, so then i swilled some saliva around my mouth over the ulcers foolishly thinking this may kill it off. I now think this may have made it worse, actually taking the infected blood to the ulcers. Although i had allready done this, i thought id see if i was really blood, i moistened my sleeve and wiped the smear, it didn't wipe away instantly but it was removed. Now I'm thinking did i put that moistend bit of sleeve with the blood to my mouth again after? of wipe my nose or eye? I'm absolutely terrified of a transmission risk. Although, I'm almost certain the blood wasn't really fresh, I'm sure that it was quiet dry, maybe a little tacky.....more dry i think. Does dry blood that is re-moistend reactivate any hiv in the blood? I think that is my real question, and would the saliva i swilled around made things worse for me regarding my cuts and ulcers. Also, the blood wiped into my sleeve, would this be something to worry about too? Or would wiping the blood make the hiv even less likely to spread? (even if it made contact with my sores or even with my eye).
I really do apologise for this very long winded account, i think I'm still trying to make sense of it all myself. You guys do a really great job on this site.
Ive tried to find out conclusive answers but ever site i visit seems to contradict itself.
Thank you for your help.
All the best.

Andy Velez:
Fall, HIV is a fragile virus. It's not easy to transmit. It's not uncommon in daily life to come into contact with blood. The variations on rather superficial contact which you have described have never been a means for transmission. I don't see any cause for concern and certainly not for testing.

What I do recommend is that if you haven't already done so, read the lessons on transmission and on testing to which you can find a link in the Welcome thread at the top of this section.

You're worrying needlessly. Really.

I recently had a topic answered which i am extremely grateful for.
I just have a few things which are niggling at me, which i was hoping you could help me with.....

Can hiv in dry blood be reactivated through moisture? i.e. saliva, or water

Does saliva really kill, or deactivate hiv? So for example hiv infected blood would not really able to live when it comes into contact with saliva.

Thank you

Sorry for being a pain in the ass........


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Any hiv present in dried blood cannot be "reactivated".

Saliva contains over a dozen proteins and enzymes that damage hiv and render it unable to infect. Hiv is very fragile and minute changes in moisture content, pH levels and temperature all will make it impossible for hiv to successfully latch on to the specific cells it targets and infect them. Hiv MUST have a very specific environment (such as inside a body) in order to remain viable. The arm of a chair is not such an environment.

As Andy said, you are worrying needlessly.


Again, thank you.
Sorry to ask what must seem like such absurd questions, this is a really great place for advice and help.

Sorry about the posting,
I'm not very good with technology........

All the best


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