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Newly diagnosed less than 2 weeks and placed on leave by employer

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--- Quote from: exarmyguy77 on January 02, 2014, 03:49:58 AM ---Hello everyone, no changes so far.  Lots of difficulty finding a lawyer in the midwest that is knowledgeable on this stuff and I've found that most in this area are just as uneducated as my employer.  I've been treated badly by some and others have said "I'll check into it" only to never return calls.  It's been very frustrating.  I have found Lambda Legal, they have not agreed to take the case but are looking at it.  They are a non profit organization that does LGBT and HIV issues.  They typically only take cases that will be a big impact/benefit on the community.  I believe they are interested but is being brought to the board for them to vote on.  I pray they accept it, if not I don't know what else I will do.

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I would imagine you will continue to handle this fuck awful situation in the calm, sane under pressure manner that you have displayed since posting. Others have congratulated you on the manner in which you are dealing with this shit , I add myself to that list whatever happens you will find gainfall employment and whoever offers that to you will have won the lotto that week.

When this has resolved itself as it will I imagine that your knowledge in HIV and USA employment issues will be a great help to the HIV community. So STAY WELL in this crazy cruel mess and remember there is support here for all things.

I have no doubt that someone or many someones have already gained strength from how you are dealing with this, I certainly have .

All the best Xag

Hello All,
     Its been a little while.  Still no big news, this is a LONG process.  I have a legal firm looking into it but as you can imagine there are a lot of gray areas, etc and the research takes a lot of time.  So for the time being I'm working is dispatch and just living life.  On a side note I'm undectable now, switched to stribild Thursday, the first few days were rough but today has been a good day so far! 

I hoped that the fear of legal action would motivate them, as I really think that they are in violation based on what you recounted.  At least you have someone helping confirm this and who can advise you of your options.

Great news on getting to undetectable! Hopefully things are calming down for you more now.

Any news ?

Hey Army, I'm new to this forum and newly positive - diagnosed 3 weeks ago.  Have been reading all your posts recently with a lot of interest.  Sounds like you got a really shitty deal from your employer but it seems you're getting a lot of good advice from people who know what they're talking about.  Certainly, a lot of people are pulling for you, including me.  I was really glad that at least your medical issues seem to have turned out great.  Good for you, man!  I hope your legal issues ultimately turn out as well.

I'm still waiting to start treatment and hope it goes as well.  Like you, I know exactly when and by whom I was infected - Dec 30.  And then I also had a seroconversion illness 10 days later on Jan 10.  Not nearly as severe as yours.  Was only sick for 3 days and I was off work at the time (taking a WFR first responder course) so didn't have to deal with my employer.  But unlike you, I stalled for nearly a month because I was afraid of what the test would show. After hearing how well your treatment worked, I kind of wish I had followed your lead on that.

Finally got tested on Feb 11, and my numbers weren't all that bad (so everyone keeps telling me): CD4 524 and VL 245,000.  Got a genotype test last week and am waiting for the results in order to begin treatment, hopefully a week from now.  Doctor has already mentioned possibly Stribild.

I have NOT disclosed to anyone at work.  I briefly considered it because of some insurance issues but, after reading about your experience, I will definitely not being doing that.

Look forward to hearing more good news about your legal problems.  Good luck!


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