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Well, it has been awhile and I have had a few adventures. I can still function at home and in public dealing with what life keeps throwing at me.

The latest event has been ....

Victoria Alana.....

My niece, Jennifer was just going along with her life, leaving one boyfriend and finding another, Derrick. Jennifer had never used birth control as she was told by a doctor once that she could not have children for some strange, exotic female thing...

...he was wrong...She started throwing up and feeling bad and Mom and my sister Terry looked at each other, knowing full well she was pregnant yet unable to convince Jennifer that doctors do not always "get it right"

Victoria was the star of our family Thanksgiving this year. She is sooo quiet and happy and loves her bottle.....which, Jennifer had tried the brest feeding thing, and Victoria had refused to suckle, which brought a lot of maternal attention from Mom and Terry as they tried to get Victoria to eat.

Had to use formula which is 'new and improved' from the last baby of 8 years ago, as now it doesn't even have to be refrigerated or heated, just serve room temperature, in already prepared bottles. Mom is just amazed at how different having a baby is in 2013.

Victoria does not like to be held in a prone position as she will fuss and kick until you stand her up.....then she's happy.

..I am ok with it except that I keep shaking off feelings of "Boy, am I getting old" as all the babies are now having babies....Thanksgiving had 5 generations all together and I just never thought I would have made it this far.

March 1 is my birthday and my anniversary date for my diagnosis, which has now been 20 years, soon to be 21.....I have far exceeded my great expectations....and while it ain't been easy, it just seems to have happened as door after door keeps opening, closing, and well, dang if there ain't another one...

Jeff G:
Welcome Back Ron !!! . A few people have been asking about you . Congratulations on the baby news .

Well, one of those doors had the name Jeff G on it.... ;D

Jeff G:
Your old thread is still one of the longest running threads in forum history and I still see people view it every now and then . Glad your back with us . 

It is fun becoming a Great Uncle , wait till you start explaining that it does not matter what you do you will always be a Great Uncle.


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