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HIV programs for adults >50


Francine H:
Good morning :),
I am new to the site and I live in Baltimore, MD.  I will not discuss if I am negative or positive at the moment.  But, I am doing a research paper for a course that I am taking in college.  I know that there are some programs in MD for adults who are over the age of 50 and also programs in New York.  If someone can be as kind to give me the names of other organizations in their state or city that are specifically implemented towards the prevention or treatment of  individuals over the age of 50 for HIV.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you for your time and patience.

Francine H

Jeff G:
Hi Francine and welcome to the forums . You must first get permission if you intend to use this site for research . If you are not HIV positive you can only post in the someone I care about forum . Thanks .

Francine H:
Hi Jeff G,
Thank you for letting me know.  I am not ready to disclose my status.  I hope you have a great day  :).


--- Quote from: Francine H on December 04, 2013, 07:06:29 AM ---
I am not ready to disclose my status.

--- End quote ---

What's the big deal about disclosing your hiv status on an hiv forum? I don't get your reticence. At all. You're anonymous - there are hundreds of thousands of people called "   Francine H" in the world, if that is even your real first name. Why contribute to stigma by refusing to disclose on an hiv website?



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