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meds and viagra


this is almost as personal as it gets, but here it go..
if you are on meds,can you take a viagra?
my wife and i decided when we found out that i was positive,not to make love till i'm undetectable.(its been months).now that i am,we will be using a condom, and i'm sure the first time we get together in such a while is going to be a bit awkward for both of us..i may need a little boost...has any guy out there taken a viagra while on meds?

Assuming your heart is healthy, the only meds that would pose a problem would be Norvir, or Kaletra with Norvir in the pill.  Norvir inhibits the chemical  pathway in the liver that breaks down Viagra (and Levitra, and Cialis).  Thus they stay in your bloodstream at a greater concentration and for a longer time than they would otherwise.

Ask your doctor.  He will probably suggest a half dosage, but it is better to check with him first.

Hey Dingowarrior,

Split thee dose of Viagra. If not certain, give your Doctor a call to make sure.

Make the BEST of each Day!

The recommendation (as per prescribing information) is 25mg no more than every 48 hrs for people on Norvir and 25mg no more than daily for people on Invirase.

- matt


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