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It has been a year since , , ,


I had my surgery to remove the old buffalo hump.

Actually, it is about a year and three months, but, who's counting.

So far, no regrowth, at least, not much.

The good news is, the insurance finally paid off the bill. It only took a year of wrangling, arguing and calling.

I recently learned that someone I know, who also had the hump removed, had it come back this past year.

Her surgery was several years before mine. So, the bottom line is we still don't know what the future holds.

If it doesn't come back, that would be great.

If it does, it stays. I am not going through that again.

I have been on meds for nearly 18 years, and at this point, just being alive is treat enough.



Glad to hear the hump has not returned. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


Sorry to use this way to contact you. In another thread from sometime ago I read that you were taking the same ARV treatment that I, Truvada + Isentress. In that thread you also mentioned using milk thistle and good effects on you liver.

I am considering using Milk thistle as well but I am unsure if it is completely safe to take with my current meds. So I would really appreciate your experience about it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey Mark,
Mine was removed by surgery over ten years ago now ,
Has not returned.
It was fiberous and hard. I'm sure you will be good too !
I think the ones that return are the ones that are soft
enough to have Lipo surgery .
In any case Good Luck !


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