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How do you Live as a LTS w/ HIV/AIDS share your story

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--- Quote from: bear60 on November 29, 2013, 01:14:10 PM ---I'm working on #10.

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 :o  Hey Joel,  well lets hope not  ;)

Honey, my patience is running low these days.  I am so gonna deck someone who is blabbing on a cell phone or texting or whatever they do on those things now.  Its not a phone anymore!  It can even monitor what is happening at home.
Now, someone called me not long ago, and the ID on the phone was KYWTV (local Tv).  I, being excited that maybe I had won something, picked it up to find out that, no, it was this friend of mine whose lover had been in jail.  I swear it was a stolen phone! I went off.  I hope he never calls me again.  I

Yeah I understand how you feel, however I own a smartphone..........

smartphones aren't that bad, it's just that some people ( younger folks)  think that their life is so damm important when it's really NOT  ::)

and they also have NO respect for everyone else on the road, that's when I get PISSED OFF!!  >:(

I think its actually againt the law in Philadelphia to use a "phone" while driving.


--- Quote from: bear60 on December 01, 2013, 12:16:18 PM ---I think its actually againt the law in Philadelphia to use a "phone" while driving.

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Same hear in ABQ, but, that doesn't stop them from doing it  ::)

haven't they heard of hands-free Blue-tooth,

most phones come with that now, and most newer cars on the road  ;)


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