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How do you Live as a LTS w/ HIV/AIDS share your story

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Hi all,
I guess for all the LTS that been around I was know as GLS(Godlostsoul). I stop for earthlink so lost my email address. I started coming here when it was just a dating site.  My brother and I must got around 1983, you know sex was ez back then. My like brother die Aug 1, 1987. It hit him fast and then he was gone. I pass out in 1982 and was taking to the number was 3 and 480,000.

I like with my brother and his wife and my little girl 14. I work full time for now, I turn 55 Jan 20, so I fall under the 85 rule. Age plus year in company make 85. Yes I been at the same company for 35 years.

I don't get sad anymore, I think of being Poz as just another pill. I would like to meet more Poz people. I guess what keep me going all these years is I got two kids and I love playing Wow.(LOL)

Norvir, Isentress, Prezista,Lamivudine

Brooklyn NY

sorry correction ....pass out in can't type


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