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How do you Live as a LTS w/ HIV/AIDS share your story

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Seems bike riders are out to top driving and texting.  Yesterday we saw a guy riding  his bike (in a bike lane) no hands, texting with both thumbs.


      Den , We own a home , it has too much land . Neither I nor Bob
   Have the energy to keep up with the encroaching woods  :(

    The winters here in Missouri are  cold and clammy , I do not do cold and clammy
   The price of gas has begun to keep us rather home bound .

    I though living in the woods would be cheap , Not so .   I would rather live in a city and not have to deal with paying insurance on vehicles .

  The older or longer I live with AIDS the less energy I have to do what needs to get done !

    I have found straight people are not so much afraid of my HIV  . But Gay guys   do not want to be exposed  .   They tend to know association will bring others to think they have HIV also  :o

   It is a very lonely life , even having a partner for over 30 years does not make for fun times .   I miss seeing people and having friends . I do not see my old age as getting any more social .    I find happiness where it comes .
   Certainly money is a concern , as all things are getting more and more expensive .     
    We're snow covered right now so I am getting cabin fever , It's been a few weeks snice I could get my truck out of the driveway .

  Such is the life of Ozark Woodsmen  :)


    P.S.  : Still glad we are in a quiet zone , no matter how lonely ...

Well,  bob & I are just gonna have to come visit you & Bob sometime this spring, bob wants to go back east to see his folks, and you are on the way back & forth, I don't know when, but I'll be sure to let you know

BTW I hope that cheers you up some, I think it will be FUN  :)




   That would be fun Den  :)

Hubby owns a condo but it's rented out, too many steps.
So #1, 3, 8 & a small pension


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