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How do you Live as a LTS w/ HIV/AIDS share your story

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1 Rent
2 Own
3 live w/ someone, roomate, otherhalf
4 live alone
5 live w/ parents, Mom or Dad
6 Subsidy HUD Sec 8, HOPWA
7 Do you still work
8 Disability
9 Homeless, live in a shelter
10 Jail or Prison

ME: 1,3 & 8

working on #8.

Joe K:
Hey Dennis,

I'm confused on why you are asking for this information.  The fact that I rent, live alone and receive disability is but a small portion of how I live my life and it certainly doesn't shed any real light on how I live as a LTS.


Oh, I was just trying to revive an old Poz mag article I remembered about 10 maybe 12 yrs. ago

titled give me shelter or something like that, I'm sure some of you might recall that one, or maybe not, that one was way back there about 1999 or maybe it was 2000

not important at all, don't mind me, I'm just being



I'm working on #10.


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